60 Days in 60 Seconds

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Singapore & Vietnam in 60 Seconds

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Nicaragua in 60 seconds

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Up. by Brooklyn Hilary
Up., a photo by Brooklyn Hilary on Flickr.

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NYC Strangers

NYC Strangers by Brooklyn Hilary
NYC Strangers, a photo by Brooklyn Hilary on Flickr.

2014: A Year In Pictures – 002/365

While waiting on a bench outside Otafuku on 9th Street, the woman in the colorful hat walked by. I told her I liked her hat at the same time she told me she liked my scarf.

Then, the second woman (left) came from the other direction and they greeted each other. They had previously met on a bus, they told me, and had instantly become friends.

The first woman then told us about a man who had made a pass at her on the street yesterday. He was good looking and a little taller than her, but she prefers very tall men. He had nice shoes, though. “You can tell if a man is put together by his shoes and a woman by her hair” she explained.

Shoot. I need a haircut. 🙂

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New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge

For the second year in a row I took the Q to Coney Island on New Year’s Day to photograph the folks taking the Polar Bear Plunge.

I’ve already begun to spot some of the regulars – both swimmers and photographers!

I got ankle deep in the water for a couple photos – cold enough for me! Someday, though, maybe I’ll take the plunge…

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